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Solar Lights for the new School Year

We are so thankful for your continued support that is helping future leaders have the ability to study at night.  Lack of electricity is a challenge for many communities across Sierra Leone and school students living in those communities find it very challenging to read their notes and do their assignments at night.  Thanks to your support these students are receiving solar-powered

The Seedlings Planted are Continuing to Grow in Bathurst Village

In Sierra Leone, there is deforestation taking place across the country making the community prone to disasters.  Heavy rain has led to several unfortunate mudslides in the country.    Your ongoing support is helping reverse deforestation in Freetown, Sierra Leone. By restoring vegetation and the forest, we are helping to combat global warming and helping to

No More Malaria -Sustainable Development Goal-Good Health & Well-Being

Good health and well-being is the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and one of the focuses within that SDG is preventing Malaria.  Long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) that are being provided to families in Freetown are an effective ongoing source of protection to prevent Malaria by protecting families while they sleep at night.    We appreciate your support that has provided long-lasting

Ebola Orphan Sisters, Geraldine & Dorcas, Are Thankful for Your Support

Your continued support is greatly appreciated and is making a difference for sisters, Geraldine & Dorcas, who became orphans during the Ebola Crisis.    Geraldine has completed her two years Diploma course in Banking and Finance at the Institute of Public Administration and Management and she has applied for BSC in Banking and finance for

School Supplies Distributed in Freetown

Your support helped ship much-needed supplies to future leaders in Freetown, Sierra Leone this past month.  Many families in Sierra Leone live far below the poverty line and sending children to school is very challenging.  By providing school books and school supplies to these families it reduces the school-related costs making school possible for the children

Update from Future Nigerian Leader

Your support is continuing to help student, Ifeoluwa, in Nigeria get his education through our partner organization, S.M.I.L.E.   Ifeoluwa is now in his second year of college thanks to your continued support. He expressed how much it meant to him to receive scholarship funds for his second year saying that his financial anxiety was high

Back to School in Ghana

We deeply appreciate your support for the Kissinger School in Ghana.  The students at the Kissinger School have just started their new school year and they were very thankful for the school supplies they received.   The Kissinger School staff expressed how grateful they would be for continued support this school year so that they can provide healthy meals,

Thanks for Supporting Children in Ghana

Your support is truly appreciated as every dollar you donate is helping more students at the Kissinger School in Ghana receive backpacks filled with school supplies.  Not only will students not have to carry their heavy books on their head, but they will also have the school supplies they need such as pencils, pens, notebooks, and crayons.

Melrose is Thankful for the Educational Support she Received

We greatly appreciate your support for future Sierra Leone leader, Melrose.  Your support is helping cover her expenses for computer classes.   Melrose was very thankful for the support she received as she continues to get her education.  She expresses her gratitude in this video saying–   My name is Melrose, I just sat through my final high

Update from CAPEC Cameroon Founder

Your continued support of students in Cameroon is greatly appreciated. Collette Bekaku, Founder/Executive Director CAPEC Cameroon sent the below update. Dear Friends/supporters/partners, First, I want to thank you all for your continuous support for our education programs. We are indebted to you. With the education material donated by Develop Africa Inc and GlobalGiving donors, nearly all