Seedlings are continuing to Grow

We are excited that the seedlings planted over the summer are continuing to grow.  These seedlings while still not very big, are the start of reforestation, which is crucial in Sierra Leone.  Your ongoing support is helping reverse deforestation in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

By restoring vegetation and the forest, we are helping to combat global warming and helping to reduce runoff water from the hills. The trees will help to reduce landslides and rock slides that have resulted in the loss of life. Reforestation is essential for the overall health and quality of life in the community.  

Your support is much appreciated as we continue to follow the steps recommended by the local Environmental Protection Agency for reforestation.   We encourage you to consider starting a monthly recurring donation here.  Even a few dollars a month will go a long way.  Please also share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting this ongoing project.   

Country: Sierra Leone
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